southernwriter (southernwriter) wrote in copy_editors,

Making that Call

Here I am to give y'all another workout. Most of you are probably too young to remember this, but way back when, phones had dials. Oh, yes. They were circular devices with ten holes to put a finger in and rotate, and they sat on the base of the phone. In order to make a call, a person had to really work that dial (never mind that if no one answered, or Lord forbid, the line was busy, meaning the person we were calling was already talking to someone else, we had to call back! There were no answering machines, Voicemail or call forwarding!) So now you know I'm so old that my elevator doesn't always reach the top any more, and therefore, I can't think of how we describe the act of making a call these days. It used to be that we "dialed." What is it now?
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