antiqrule1 (antiqrule1) wrote in copy_editors,

Proofreading Tests

I'm a copyeditor and have always been freelance. I'm looking for work at a publishing house, but I don't know all that much about the proofreading tests. Are there any practice tests online that anyone know about? What are the tests like?
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I think every publishing house approaches hiring differently; some use proofreading tests as part of the job interview process and some don't. The ones that do use proofreading tests generally just give you a representative sample of the same material that you would be proofreading if they hired you, and they ask you to proofread it. You typically get to spend pretty much as long as you want on it. Or at least I did, when I was hired.
Thanks. That's really helpful. I should see if any publishing houses mail out proofreading tests. I'm moving to Brooklyn in a couple months, and it'd be great if I could take some tests or set up some prospects before I leave.
I think mailing out the tests would defeat the purpose; if you're not in their office when you take the tests, you can't prove you did the proofreading yourself.
I've done quite a few tests for freelance clients, and I've always completed them at home.
This isn't a proofreading test per se, but this spelling test I took online contained nearly every word I was asked to spell on my spelling/grammar/writing test. (I got the job!)